An Introduction to Rest In Pieces

To think holistic, help you to manage through life, no matter if you are in difficult times or if everything is working well for you. By thinking holistic, you can find a meaning in life and easier handle the tougher parts in life.

See my video about my own life and my thoughts about this. I have gone through both abusement, rape and I am sick. I have a tumour in my head, an unbalance in my hormonal production, cronic complex PTSD, CF and wounds in my body. But still, I try to do my very best for continue my life, finding ways to be better in health and find a way back to life. And while I am striving for a better life, I am living my life here and now.

Earlier in life, I was acting and living exactly as everybody was expecting from me. But when I got my diagnos with the tumour and the heavy unbalanced hormonal levels, I realised I had been living my life but never felt alive. So I changed the way I live and act, testing my own limits in several ways. And some of the result, you can see in this video:

I hope to be able to show you more, how you can change your life and find happiness within yourself, by doing things differently, by seeing on your life differently. There are lots of possibilities in life, and you are the one steering if these possibilities should be opportunities. Make difference for your own sake and find out, that you are important and an important piece connected with everything else.

//Jelina J