Animal Communication

By communication with animals, we also can learn to become a better communicator meeting people. Animals are always good teachers in communication and give us a chance to develope our humility towards what we are part of in this world.

In this movie, there are good horse people telling about how they relate to their horses and how it has got them to grow:

Another good horse human is Hempfling. In this movie he show us how he handle a dangerous stallion that noone else dare taking care of.

Hempfling was working as an engineer until he became burned out and had to saddle into another kind of life to become healed and connected with his inner self. He lived for a while with a monk in Spain and during the stay there, the monk gave him a task to learn how to communicate with a difficult horse. That was the beginning of his new life path. Today he is running a business with horse communication and also having retreats in Denmark where the participants get to know themselves.

Another good horse communicator is Honza Blàha. Here with his horse Gaston:

Honza Blàha is showing us that he is connected with his horses and something bigger. Where good energies are passing between him and his horses.

Now to dogs. Here you se an amazing Belgian Malinois and what it is capable of doing. There are lots of hard work and lots of training hours behind this, but it shows us what’s possible if we just communicate and relate to our animals so that the animals understand us.